The training of a child is one of the most critical tasks set before any parent. It is the first responsibility given to any parent. Training a child is the most critical task in this life because the future of any society depends on what the inhabitants are. And what the inhabitants would be depends on the kind of trainings they received during their childhood from their parents. For the Holy Scripture says,’ train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. But the big question is how or what is the best technique to be adopted in this child’s training? After much study, I have discovered that training by example is the best technique.

You might be wondering,’ how do I train a child by example? People connect better to what they see or experience than to what they hear. That is why in school, students are taken through practicals where they experiment with live samples and sometimes dummies. These experiences register more in their memory than other things that were taught them in class.

Discovery has shown that children grow up to have similar values, ideologies and attitudes as their parents. Which means that the only trainings the children are able to adopt from their parent is the lifestyle their parents exhibit. In other words, the parents are like live samples with which the children study life.

The best kind of training a parent can give to the child is to first train him/herself to be a worthy example to the child. That is why the Holy Scripture says, ‘let your light so shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven’

Everyone knows that an orange tree cannot produce mango fruit. And a lion cannot give birth to a goat. No one can give what he doesn’t have. That is why it is so expedient for the parents to re-model themselves to be a worthy example to their children. If you as a parent lie and want your child to honest, you can’t succeed in that because your child will automatically learn your lying skills. And you can’t tell the child to stop lying while you do it regularly even at his/her presence .

So, what I’m trying to establish here is that parents should work hard, improve their personalities because whether you believe it or not, 70% of your characters, habits or personality will surely rub off on your children.


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