It has been a common slogan everywhere, on the social media and in the real life. Everybody keeps saying, “Believe in yourself’’. But I think it’s not enough to just believe in yourself. Becoming successful or making it in life is more than just believing in yourself. If just believing in yourself is all you need to make it in life, then no one will be a failure because it takes nothing to believe in oneself. I am not trying to say that it is wrong to believe in yourself. The point I’m  trying to make here is that believing in yourself is never enough. It is just a step to a journey of one thousand miles. Believing in yourself only in the absence of other factors or qualities is just like doing nothing.


Believing in yourself is just like accepting a deal or a contract.  You need to do certain things like getting a pen and signing the dotted lines to make the deal official. So, after believing in yourself that you can make it in life or that you can achieve a certain success, you need to discover what it takes to achieve it. If you don’t discover what it takes to achieve your goal, even after believing in yourself, you will just be beating around the bush. Take for example you want to become a leader or a head of a group of people and you know nothing about what it takes to win elections; you know nothing about campaigning, nothing about getting the people to vote for you, and all you say is that you believe in yourself that you will win. You will comfortably fail woefully. So, to discover what it takes to make it or to achieve a certain success, you need to ask yourself these questions, what are the basic requirements I need to achieve this, how can I attain or acquire these requirements and where do I base or operate from(place or a group or team) in order to achieve this? Considering all these requirements, you need to research before you can get answers to them. Getting answers to these questions will define your goal and make your journey to success easier.


Some people who are overwhelmed with passion who are not willing to heed advice always try to jump steps in order to achieve their goals. They are not willing and patient enough to learn all the rudiments of what they are venturing into. They wish to take a certain profession as a career but are not patient enough to gain all necessary and required knowledge or skills before jumping into it. And when such people get into that profession; they end up becoming a disgrace to the profession.

You need to first analyze your discoveries, the what, the how and the where before starting. After discovering the basic requirement, you need to objectively check whether it is feasible to you considering your capabilities and potentials. If you don’t have all it takes but you have someone or some people that you know that has such capabilities; it could be money, intelligence, strength or anything, get that person or people to partner with you.

Note: It is tragic sometimes if you rely much on others.

But I will advice you try to attain all the basic requirements about what you plan to achieve before going into it. If you lack the full knowledge, seek a way to advance your knowledge. Your degree of success in any task is dependent on how knowledgeable you are in handling such task. If money is what is posing a challenge to you, I advice you set up a short term plan to tackle it. Get into another profession or business that you know can get you the basic funds you need. When that is done, you hit the ground running. Start!


One of the major things that get people outdated so fast is when they fail to keep improving themselves. The world is not stagnant. Even science taught us that the earth rotates on its axis to cause day and night, same as everything in the world. Nothing made by man remains the same forever. They keep changing and as well get improved from time to time. So, if you don’t have plans on how to improve you business approaches or improve your knowledge base, you will be quick loose relevance.


Passion defines how much you want or need something. A passionate man can go through the rain to get what he needs but someone who lacks passion will wait for the rain to stop. Passion is an important attribute you need to achieving your goal. It keeps you going even when things become tougher than you expected. It makes you willing and ever ready for the worst so far success is guaranteed at the end of the road.

Passion to achieve your goal should make you listen to advice on how to succeed. Passion should make you humble. Passion should make you keep focus.

Passion should not make you arrogant and unwilling to heed advice from elders in the field you are venturing into. Passion should not make you monotonous in idea. Any knowledge that comes your way, try to make the most of it because no knowledge is a waste.


One major thing that brings setbacks and a sudden backslide to businesses or careers are unaccountability. Standard business firms account for the events that that take place in their business daily, weekly and some monthly. This is done to check whether the goal for the business which is profit is met or not.

You can check your activities or events or achievements to know whether you are moving forward or not. This should make you put in more work whether you find yourself on the positive or negative side of the balance check. If positive, work harder to get better. If negative, research and discover the causes and get rid of them. Then, put in more work to get to the positive side.

With all these I believe you have seen that it is not enough to just believe in yourself. You need much more other ingredients to make it or achieve your goals.


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