Bluescreen of death


The blue screen of death is any critical failure resulting in automatic memory dump and shutdown of all operating system services and applications. 
This symptom can be traceable to –
• Hardware components.
• Software or application programs.
• Drivers.
When the blue screen of death occurs suddenly, the first question you should ask yourself is, what program, hardware component or driver did I install or uninstall lately? So, the next thing to do when you have found an answer to your question is to either-
• Reinstall/Uninstall hardware component.
• Reinstall/Uninstall software.
• Roll back drivers.
• Check for file corruption.
With these measures, you are sure to correct Blue Screen of Death when it occurs.
But if after performing these Blue Screen of Death correction method, I mentioned above but it persists, the next component to check is the RAM. Replacing the bad RAM with a good one corrects the error. 

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