Computer system overheating


Computer system overheating is a computer hardware term given to system symptom that causes the computer system to restart or completely trip-off immediately before the system loads the operating system.
Computer system overheating occurs when the processor heats beyond its fixed temperature limit. And this occurs when the cooling system is not properly fixed on the processor. The function of the cooling system is regulating the temperature of the processor by absorbing heat that is being produced by the processor during operation and dissipating them outside. So, when the cooling system is not properly fixed, the processor overheats and thereby trips off or restarts.
Also, in some laptops, if the paste on the processor has been exhausted, overheating can occur.
To correct overheating, what is to be done it to fix the cooling system tightly to its seat. Also, in laptops, the pastes should be put accordingly on the processor.


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