Computer sytem, not powering


Computer system not displaying is a symptom traceable to some faulty computer system components like-
• The RAM.
• Computer screen in Laptops and Monitor in Desktop computers.
• Processor.
• Keyboard.
• CD-ROM Drive.
To detect and repair a computer system that is not displaying, in laptops, the first thing to do is to check if the screen is okay. Connecting the system to an external computer monitor using the Video Graphics Adapter (VGA) cable will help you detect if the fault is from the screen. So, if the system displays on an external monitor, then the screen is faulty and should be replaced but if it doesn’t display, then the fault is not from the screen. 
So, the troubleshooting continues. And the next component to check is the RAM. The RAM just like the Memory Controller Hub aids displays in computer system. To check if the RAM is the problem, you bring out the RAM, clean up the slot and put it back. And if it the problem persists, you test the RAM in another system. If it does not work, then the RAM is bad and you replace it but if it works in another system, it means the problem is not from the RAM. 
So, troubleshooting continues. And the next thing to check is if the processor is an INTEL product or AMD. INTEL processors work independent of the Memory Controller Hub which is commonly known as the Graphics Chip while the AMD processors work in relation with the Memory Controller Hub. AMD products have more display problems than INTEL products. So, if the processor is AMD, you heat the processor and the Memory Controller Hub which will make the system to display. But if it doesn’t, you then check the peripherals such as the keyboard, CD-ROM Drive that are connected to the system because if these peripherals are faulty, they can make the system not to display. 
So, after trying all these steps, the system will surely work.


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