Free song submission

This is an opportunity for the up and coming artistes to freely submit their songs for promotion and also to make their songs ready for download to their fans.

With this platform, you are sure to get your song to your fans worldwide. All you need to do is to submit your song and we take it up from there. With Share This Page! button on our music site, you can share your songs to your fans on facebook, twitter and google+.


  • We are on our promo period. So, you have to pay nothing to get your song on our site.
  • We prefer Gospel songs. (we accept other genres too) But we advice that you make sure that your songs have no vulgar, dirty or filthy words.
  • You can send in any number of songs.
  • Make sure the songs are in mp3.
  • Do not send in corrupt files.
  • Attach your song artwork.
  • You must write in the body of the mail, a description of you and the song you are sending.





Send in your submission to or with the subject, “SONG SUBMISSION”.