How to prepare abubo onugbu.


Abụbọ onugbu is a sauce widely eaten in the eastern part of Nigeria. The major ingredient for preparing it is the bitterleaf. The sauce is used for eating mostly yams. It can as well be used to eat the coco yam. Its relatively bitter taste makes it ideal for those avoiding sugary foods.
  •  Red Oil
  •  Ogiri
  •  Pepper
  •  Bitterleaf 
  •  Salt
  •  Seasoning Cube
• While getting the yam or cocoyam that you will be eating it with, go pluck some bitter leaves.
• Put them in a basin, add a little water and start squeezing. Squeeze until the leaves breaks into pieces.
• Sieve out the greenish water.
• Put the bitter leaves in cellophane.
• Piece the cellophane to allow a tiny opening for water to have its way in.
• Put it in the pot same as the yam or cocoyam.
• When the yam is done, remove the cellophane.
• Put some water in a kettle and set it on the fire.
• Put the bitter leaves in a basin and add some water. Squeeze for a little while.
• Sieve out the water and keep the bitter leaves.
• Wash the pepper. Put it in a mortar and pound.
• Get a little piece of yam that you will be using as a thickening agent. Add it to the mortar and pound
• Add the bitter leaves to the mortar and pound altogether.
• Add red oil to the mortar and mix very well.
• Get the hot water from the kettle and start adding gently to the mortar. Keep stirring until the pounded ingredients dissolves and becomes like a bitterleaf soup, Onugbu Soup.
• Add cube or sachet seasoning(s). One cube or two, depending on the size of the sauce.
• Add salt to taste.
Your Abụbọ onugbu is now ready for consumption. Dish it and enjoy with yam or cocoyam.
Note: Make sure you wash all the kitchen utensils used for the cooking.

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