How to prepare akpu


Akpụ as known in Nigeria is a food widely eaten in Nigeria using soups. The food is produced from cassava. The food is very rich in carbohydrate. The Akpụ is usually very heavy in the stomach when eaten. It is preferred by the people who do hard labours because it makes them to last longer at their job.
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• Put some water in a pot. Set the pot on the fire.
• Get the Akpụ. Put it in the mortar.
• Smear it. Mix it thoroughly with little water until it is smooth free from lumps.
• Put the Akpụ into a cellophane bag.
• Put the cellophane into the pot only when the water in the pot starts boiling.
• Wait for about the Akpụ to cook for about 10 minutes.
• Get the cellophane bag out of the pot. Pour the Akpụ into the mortar. Gently remove the ones that stick to the cellophane using a spoon.
• Get the pestle and start pounding. Pound until it is very soft and smooth.
• If the water in the pot has reduced, you can add some more.
• Mould the Akpụ into balls and start putting them into the pot.
• Allow the Akpụ to cook for about 10 minutes.
• Use perforated spoon to bring out the balls. You can as well bring down the pot from the fire now.
• Pound the Akpụ until it is very soft and smooth.
Now you have your Akpụ ready for consumption. 
Dish into plates or into a storage dish (flask).
Note: Make sure you wash all the kitchen utensils used for the cooking.

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