How to prepare amala


Amala is a special food eaten in Nigeria, mostly by the Yoruba tribe. It is an energy-giving food. It is unique for its relatively dark colour. It also has a tantalizing aroma that makes it so appetizing. It is eaten using soups like ọgbọnọ soup, Oha soup, Egusi soup, Okra soup, or onugbu soup etc. You can buy it from food stuff markets in Nigeria.
To learn how to process the Amala flour, click here
• Put some water in a pot. The amount of water added determines how big or small the size of the Amala will be. 
• Wait until the water boils very well.
• Start stirring with a paddle as you add the Amala flour little by little to the boiling water.
• Continue adding and stirring until it solidifies.
• You can now bring it down from the fire and stir further to make it smoother and soft.
Now, your Amala is ready for consumption.
Get your ọgbọnọ soup, Oha soup, Egusi soup, Okra soup, or onugbu soup and start enjoying the delicious delicacy.
Note: Wash the paddle and any other utensils used for the preparation of the Amala.


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