How to prepare garri


Garri is a general name for the meal. But the people who live in south-south part of Nigeria call it Garri when it has not been prepared and Eba when it has been prepared and it is ready for consumption. It is one of the major energy-giving foods in Nigeria. Apparently it is rich in carbohydrate. Just like the Akpụ, it is also made from cassava. It is enjoyed more with soups like ọgbọnọ, Egusi, Onugbu etc.
You can buy it from any grocery shop or market in Nigeria.
But to learn how to process the Garri, click here
This is actually one of the easiest foods to prepare.
Let’s get started-
• Put some water in a kettle and set it on the fire. Depending on the intensity of the fire, it will boil in about 10 minute’s time.
• Pour the water into a basin.
• Add the Garri gently into the water until it solidifies.
• Cover the Garri/Eba basin with a lid. Wait for about one minutes.
• Uncover it, get a paddle and stir it.
Now, your Garri/Eba is ready for consumption. 
Get your ọgbọnọ soup, Oha soup, Egusi soup, Okra soup, or onugbu soup and start enjoying the delicious delicacy.
Note: Wash the paddle and any other utensils used for the preparation of the Garri/Eba.

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