How to prepare kunu


Kunu is an energy-giving drink taken in all parts of Nigeria. It is produced using sorghum. It is taken with any snacks.
• Measure out the quantity of sorghum that you will be using.
• Soak it in a clean basin with clean water.
• Get another smaller quantity of sorghum. Wash it. Tie it with a sack bag and keep.
• The soaked and the tied sorghum will stay for two days.
• Get the soaked sorghum out. Wash it and get it ready for grinding.
• Now, the tied one would have sprouted tiny roots and plumule.
• Grind the soaked one differently. Also grind the other ones too.
• After grinding, you get your sieve ready.
• Tie the sieve on a basin.
• Start adding the ground sorghum to the sieve little by little.
• By adding water little by little, sieve the sorghum. 
• After each round, remove the residue. Put the residue in another basin.
• After sieving the sorghum, pour the filtrate into a clean pot.
• Set the pot on the fire.
• Start stirring it using a paddle.
• When it starts getting sticky, add the smaller one, (the tied one). It will make the kunu less thick.
• Stir for a while and taste. If it is done, bring it down.
• Add sugar to taste.
Now, your Kunu is ready for consumption.
Turn the Kunu into cans and put in the freezer.
Note: Wash all the utensils used.

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