How to prepare the soya beans powder


The soya beans powder is a food drink taken just as other beverages. It can be prepared with cold or hot water. It is a popular beverage in Nigeria. Many nursing mothers mix it with the baby food, e.g. Pap, which they feed their babies with. Most families in Nigeria use it in substitute to food drink beverages as breakfast. Its use cannot be overemphasized. Some people even use it to smoke Garri. The soya beans powder is highly used because of its high protein content. 
The soya beans powder is so useful that you can’t afford not to know how to make at least a small quantity for yourself. That is why this tutorial is prepared. 
So, let us go through the steps involved in making it.
• Pick the soya beans using a tray to remove the spoilt ones.
• Get a clean basin. Put the soya beans in it.
• Add some water to it. Let the water level go above the soya beans.
• Leave it for 24 hours.
• After the 24 hours, bring out the soya beans and wash.
• Put the soya beans in a pot; add some water to be slightly above the soya beans.
• Set it on the fire. It takes a long time for it to cook.
• Keep checking it. If the beans start breaking apart, know that is already getting done. By this time, you will notice that the aroma is already changed to something tantalizing. Press the beans with your hand. If it is soft, bring down the pot from the fire.
• Now, spread the soya beans under the sun to dry.
• When it is dry, get the frying pan and set on the fire.
• Pour the soya beans into it and start frying. Fry until it start breaking apart. 
• After frying, park it into a basin and get it ready for grinding.
• The grinding is done two times. The first grinding is to partially break the soya beans for the backs, chaff, to be blown out. 
• Use the tray and carefully blow out all the chaffs. 
• Now, do the second grinding which is to finely grind the soya beans into powder.
• This time, your soya beans powder is almost done. Get the basin and sieve which you will use to sieve it so as to have a fine soya beans powder.
• Tie the sieve on a basin.
• Start adding the ground soya beans to the sieve little by little as you sieve. When the residue gets too much, take it off the sieve and continue sieving until you are done.
Now you have your soya beans powder beverage. You can store it in a tin or anything you wish.

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