How to prepare the soya milk


Soya milk is a drink widely taken in Nigeria. It is significant for its richness in protein. It tastes like milk. It can be taken along with snacks as lunch by most people on the rush.
It is made of Soya beans.
You can buy the soya beans from any food stuff market in Nigeria.
• Pick the soya beans using a tray to remove the spoilt ones.
• Get a clean basin. Put the soya beans in it.
• Add some water to it. Let the water level go above the soya beans.
• Leave it for 24 hours.
• After the 24 hours, bring out the soya beans and wash.
• Grind the soya beans.
• After grinding, you get your sieve ready.
• Tie the sieve on a basin.
• Start adding the ground soya beans to the sieve little by little.
• By adding water little by little, sieve the soya beans. 
• After each round, remove the residue. Put the residue in another basin.
• After sieving the soya beans, pour the filtrate into a clean pot.
• Set the pot on the fire.
• Start stirring it using a paddle.
• The soya milk that is being stirred would be producing some foam while boiling. You can use a little bowl to be removing it to avoid it dousing the fire. When this foam start coming out, know that it’s about to be done.
• Keep on stirring until the aroma also turns to something irresistible.
• You can taste it to confirm its readiness.
• When you confirm that it is done, bring it down.
Now, your soya milk is ready for consumption.
Turn the soya milk into cans and put in the freezer.
Note: Wash all the utensils used.

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