How to prepare zobo


Zobo is a vegetable drink. It is widely taken in Nigeria by mostly the Northerners. Just like the soya milk, it is taken by people on the rush or workers who are away from home. Some people make it at their homes and enjoy it. Some people use it for picnics.
It is a highly nutritious drink. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is made of the Zobo vegetable.
You can buy Zobo vegetable from any food stuff markets in Nigeria.
• Pick the Zobo using a tray so as to remove any unwanted particle in it.
• Wash it and put in a pot. Pour enough water to it until the water level goes above the Zobo.
• Wash the pineapple. Cut it into pieces. Put it in a mortar and pound.
• Turn the pounded pineapple with the liquid contents into the pot.
• Allow the Zobo to cook for about 12 hours.
• Now, bring down the pot.
• Leave the Zobo in the pot for it to cool.
• Sieve the Zobo. 
• Add a raspberry flavor and/or a pineapple flavor (s). 
• No need for sugar if adequate pineapple is used.
Now, your Zobo drink is ready.
Turn the tasty Zobo drink into cans and put in the freezer.
Note: Wash all the utensils used.

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