How to process akpu


The processing of Akpu takes a couple of days to complete. The cassava which is the source or the only raw material for the processing of it is highly acidic and so requires days of various levels of processing before it can be ready for consumption. 
To learn how to prepare the Akpu, click here
Now, let’s get started –
• Harvest the cassava from the farm. Harvest as much tubers that you will be processing into Akpu.
• Peel the brownish backs of the cassava off. Some people don’t peel off the back. But such practice makes the Akpu not to be white after preparing it. So, I advice you peel the back off.
• Get a big clean basin. Use it to wash the tubers. 
• As you wash, be putting the washed tubers into a bigger clean drum or basin.
• After washing the whole tubers, put some water into the drum or basin containing the cassava tubers. Let the water level go above the tubers.
• The cassava tubers will be allowed to stay in the water for at least 5 days and at most 7 days. Some cassava softens faster than others. But you must check the tuber by pressing them to know if they are already soft or you let them stay a little longer.
• If it has finally softened, get them out into a clean basin.
• Pour some water into a clean basin. Get a plastic or aluminum sieve and put in the basin.
• Start adding the soft tubers of cassava into the sieve. Dissolve them until they all melt leaving the chaff in the sieve. Remove the chaff when they get too much. Continue the process until you finish the whole tubers.
• By now, the water will be very thick because of the liquid Akpu in the water. 
• Let the Akpu stay in the water for a while so that the Akpu will gradually rest below and the water will float.
• Now, gradually tilt the basin for the water above to flow out.
• Get a sack bag. Use a bowl to transfer the fused Akpu into the bag.
• Tie the mouth of the bag after transferring the Akpu in. Press the bag to reduce the liquid content in the Akpu though you cannot totally remove all. 
• You can keep the bag on a clean surface where the water in it will gradually drain out. Cover the bag with a basket or a sack bag.
• When the liquid contents in gradually finishes, transfer the Akpu into a clean bucket or basin for storage.
Now you have your Akpu. If you want to learn to prepare the Akpu for consumption, click here


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