How to process garri


Garri is arguably the most consumed ‘fufu’ in Nigeria. The reason is that is easy to prepare.
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But the processing of Garri is not that easy. It takes quite a lot of work but this tutorial is meant to help simplify it for you.
The cassava is the source or the raw material used in processing the Garri.
Now, let’s get started – 
• Harvest the cassava from the farm. Harvest as much tubers that you will be processing into Garri.
• Peel the brownish backs of the cassava off. Get a big clean basin. Use it to wash the tubers. 
• As you wash, be putting the washed tubers into a bigger clean drum or basin. The Cassava tubers are allowed to stay for a day in the water before they are brought out. This is done to reduce the acidity of the cassava. But some people don’t soak theirs. Depending on your time and schedules, you can decide not to soak your. It’s all up to you.
• The next process is to go to the cassava mill and grind the Cassava tubers. 
• After grinding the cassava tubers into a basin, transfer the cassava pulp into sack bags.
• The Mill operator will direct you how to put the bags of the cassava pulp in the squeezer. The moisture contents in the cassava pulp will be totally drained by the next day.
• So, the next day, get the bags out. 
• Use aluminum or any kind of sieve with tiny holes to sieve the Garri. The residues should be taken out from the sieve. Continue the process until you have finished sieving the Garri. 
• Get the fire for the frying of the Garri ready. 
• Use a long paddle to stir the Garri if you frying on a small fire and with a small or medium frying pan. But if you are using an oven at the cassava mill, use two paddles to stir the Garri because the intensity of the fire from the oven will be much.
• When the Garri dries, know that it is ready. But you have to taste it to confirm. If you confirm and it is done, get the remove it from oven pan as quickly as possible. But if you are frying it with on a small fire, just bring down the frying pan and quickly remove the Garri.
Now, you have your Garri ready. You can now put it under the sun for the sun to beat it for a while. After that, you bag it and start using it or you sell it.
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