Richest Nigerian Comedians

Alibaba: Alibaba makes his money through a chain of businesses in Lagos: as a reputed motivational speaker, a professional comedian patronised by almost all the big brands and political bigwigs […]

Take Down by Slyxxy

Slyxxy – Take Down   Sly Entertainment present Slyxxy with his self produced brand new tune dedicated to his sweet heart titled “Take Down”.     Slyxxy promises to keep […]

According to Forbes. NAME –            ORGANIZATION –                     AGE #1 Vladimir Putin Russia 64 #2 Donald Trump United States 70 #3 Angela Merkel Germany 62 #4 Xi Jinping China 63 #5 […]

Football Love

LEVELS OF LOVE FOR THE GAME   Football is a game widely followed by people all over the world. It is arguably one of the most loved means of entertainment. […]

Most populated countries in the world

   Most populated countries in the world # Country 2000 Population 2017 Population 2000 – 2017 Pop., Growth % 2050 Expected Pop. 1 China 1,268,301,605 1,388,232,693 9.5 % 1,301,627,048 2 […]