Steps involved in preparing egusi soup


Before you start, you need to get all the ingredients needed for the preparation of the Egusi soup ready. To see the list of all the ingredients and how you can get them, click here.
Now, let’s get started-
• Grind the Egusi. Put it in a plate.
• Grind the ọsụ separately and put in a different plate.
• Grind or pound in the mortar, the pepper, crayfish and okpeyi, and keep.
• Put some water in the pot and set it on the fire.
• Put the meat and/or the fish into the pot.
• Slice the onions into pieces. Smear the Egusi and the onions together.
• Mould the Egusi into balls and put them into the pot.
• Add the ground pepper, pepper, crayfish and okpeyi into the pot.
• Now check if the Egusi balls have dissolved in the pot. If not, get them out and pound in the mortar, and put back in the pot. But if you like lumpy Egusi soup, leave it like that.
• Now add the ground ọsụ.
• Add the red oil.
• Add the cube and/or sachet seasoning (s). The cube about 3, depending on the size of the soup you are cooking.
• Add salt to taste.
• As it cooks, get the vegetable that you will be using ready.
• Wash and add the vegetable. Allow the soup to cook for a while before bringing it down.
You have succeeded in preparing an Egusi soup.
Get your fufu ready – Garri/Eba, Amala or Akpu etc and enjoy yourself.
Note: Make sure you wash all the kitchen utensils used for the cooking.

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