Steps involved in preparing the oha soup with red oil


Before you start, you need to get all the ingredients needed for the preparation of the Oha soup ready. To see the list of all the ingredients and how you can get them, click here.
Now, let’s get started-
• Get the cocoyam and boil it. Wait until it is done. To check if it is done, pierce it with a knife or any clean pointed iron. If it is soft, then it is done and ready. This takes about 10 to 15 minutes at most; depending on the intensity of your fire.
• When it is done, bring it down. Peel them and put in a mortar for pounding. Pound until it is very pulpy.
• Put the cocoyam pulp in a pot that you will be cooking with.
• Add some water to it and set the pot on the fire.
• Wash the meats and/or fish and add to it.
• Add the red oil. Cover the pot and let it cook for a while.
• As you wait, start pounding the crayfish, pepper, and the uziza seed.
• Add the pounded ingredients.
• Add cube and/or sachet seasonings. Cube, about 3, depending on the size of the soup. The sachet, one is enough.
• Add the Ogiri. About one or two wraps.
• Add salt to taste.
• Start peeling the Oha as the soup cooks for a while. Slice the Oha leaves and wash.
• Add the leaves to the soup.
• Allow it to cook for a while. Taste it. If the salt is not enough, you add a little more. If the taste is nice, you bring it down.
• You have succeeded in preparing an Oha soup.
Get your fufu ready – Garri/Eba, Amala or Akpu etc and enjoy yourself.
Note: Make sure you wash all the kitchen utensils used for the cooking.
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